Susa Blishen re-sizedSusan Blishen is Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s advisor on youth mental, responsible for disseminating and building on the learning and evaluation results from the five-year, £6m Right Here initiative, which she founded and managed from its inception in 2009.  She recently co-authored a series of articles about the initiative, drawing on the evaluation results and her own experiences of setting up and managing Right Here:

Susan is also an advisor to the Big Lottery Fund’s HeadStart programme to improve children and young people’s wellbeing.

Prior to managing Right Here, Susan helped to develop and then manage a number of new programmes for Paul Hamlyn Foundation, including its Social Justice Programme.

She is interested in how to make lasting change when addressing entrenched social problems and in the relationship between the changes that take place on an individual level, and wider, organisational, or policy impacts.

Susan began her career in publishing and literature promotion.

Publications include: with Moira Fraser, Supporting Young People’s

Mental Health: Eight Points for Action, MHF Policy Briefing, 2007; with John Vincent, Access to Books and Reading for Young People in Public Care, The Network, 2007; with Sally Bacon, Ten Banana More: An Anthology of Poems for Children, Simon & Schuster, 2004.