tonybatesDr. Tony Bates is the Founder / CEO of Headstrong – The National Centre for Youth Mental Health, in Ireland.  Headstrong was founded in 2006 as a non-profit organisation committed to supporting and changing how Ireland thinks about young people’s mental health.  Since 2006, Dr. Bates and Headstrong have been immersed in designing, evaluating and refining a large-scale initiative to improve mental health outcomes for young people called Jigsaw.

Tony was an editor of A Vision For Change an Irish Government policy on mental health service reform. He is an Irish Times columnist and author of several bestseller books on depression. He has developed a programme on mindful leadership and delivered this to audiences from world leaders in the aviation industry to the Irish government. He is particularly interested in creative leadership and the role that mindfulness plays in helping managers anticipate needs, challenges and develop a deeper understanding of the psychology of their customer base.